Elder Abuse

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chicago evanston personal injury attorneys elder abuseOver one million reports of elderly abuse occur each year in the United States. Due to the expansion of the elder population, this number is growing rapidly. Nearly 34 million people who are now over the age of 65 need assisted living services. The National Center for Elder Abuse has reported the most common type of elder abuse is the general neglect of basic needs. Intentional abuse (which includes physical, mental, and sexual abuse) is the second leading cause of elder abuse.

General neglect occurs when the staff neglects the well being of the elderly by not providing basic necessities such as food, water, and shelter. General neglect can lead to more intense disorders such as bedsores. Bedsores are ulcers caused by a constant amount of pressure on a specific area of the body. If bedsores are left unattended, these sores can develop ulcers that reach the muscle, bone or tendon. Elderly people have a greater risk of developing bedsores due to malnutrition, thin skin, and poor circulation. Bedsores are easily preventable. However, reversing the damage done becomes increasingly difficult if bedsores are left untreated.

Some examples of abuse and neglect are:

• Physical abuse is one of the easiest types of violation to be discovered due to its visibility. Physical abuse is often seen in the form of bruises, broken bones and cuts.

• Mental Abuse in nursing homes is harder to discover due to the fact family members or friends cannot always visibly see it. Mental abuse can take the form of verbal harassment, intentional neglect, and isolation from friends and family.

• Sexual abuse in nursing homes can be procured by staff members or other residents in the facility. These types of incidents range from sexual intercourse (vaginal or anal), inappropriate photography, or forced nudity.

When faced with Chicago Evanston Rockford nursing home abuse of a loved one or friend, residents and family member are often left feeling confused and angry over the violation of trust by these facilities. Consulting an attorney at Taradji Law Offices, who specializes in discovering abuse, can help you help your loved ones and friends in remedying the neglect they have been experiencing.

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