Nursing Home Negligence

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chicago evanston personal injury attorneys nursing home negligenceMany elderly residents who are admitted to Chicago Evanston and/or Rockford nursing homes or assisted living facilities spend the rest of their lives in these facilities. While many of these facilities are highly regulated and care for their patients, the state does not have the resources to supervise these homes for negligence. Frequently, the family members or friends of the patient are the only ones to report the signs of injuries and negligence by these facilities.

Some of the most common type of negligence resulting in personal injury cause of action are:

• Medication errors: Negligence in nursing homes occurs when patients do not receive their proper medication, receive an overdose of medication, or are given improper forms or types of medication. Inadequate staff supervision, poor record keeping, and negligent medical attention are some of the causes of this negligence.

• Bedsores: Bedsores are ulcers caused by a constant amount of pressure on a particular area of the body. Bedsores can quickly develop from stage 1 to stage 4 and may become septic and life threatening. Bedsores often result from inadequate medical attention. These patients that develop bedsores from the staff’s negligence are subjected to unnecessary pain and life-threatening infections.

• Falls: Negligent supervision, poor training, or improper transfers (from bed to chair or from chair to bed) can cause elderly and infirm people to fall and severely injure themselves.

• Starvation and dehydration: Starvation, weight loss, and death can be the results of negligent health care in nursing homes. When patients are not given enough fluids, they can dehydrate and suffer fatal renal failure. If you see signs of elder abuse, get help as quickly as possible.

If you are concerned about how a relative is being treated in a nursing home or assisted living facility, contact the nursing home attorneys at Taradji Law Offices.

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