Premises Liability

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chicago evanston personal injury attorneys premises liabilityChicago, Evanston, and/or Rockford Premises liability is an area of law which deals with injuries that occur on another person’s property due to some type of dangerous condition. In Illinois, the property owner may be liable to the injured person if they were negligent in maintaining the property or warning visitors against possible dangers.

The model Chicago Evanston Rockford  premises liability case is the slip trip and fall, where slipping or tripping on something on the premises that the owner knew about and failed to correct injures an individual. Grocery stores or convenient stores are the most common arenas for these types of accidents. Liability can include medical bills, lost wages, loss of normal life, disfigurement, any out of pocket expenses and pain and suffering.

Another common case arising out of Chicago Evanston Rockford premises liability is dog bite cases. If a property owner has a dangerous dog or animal on his premises with the knowledge of potential harm the dog may cause and they fail to adequately control the dog, any injury resulting from a dog bite will render the owner liable for harm done.

Frequently, inapt security in a building allows criminal activity to occur that results in injury to the building’s occupants or customers. Usually, buildings or premises are required to maintain a certain level of security, and inadequate security that leads to injury can result in liability of the owner to anyone injured or killed.

At Taradji Law Offices, our attorneys handle slip and falls, inadequate security, and dog bite cases throughout the Chicago, Illinois area. We have been successful in obtaining financial recoveries for our Chicago Evanston Rockford clients in many cases involving a variety of premises liability.

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