Slip and Fall

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chicago evanston personal injury attorneysHundreds of thousands of people each year sustain slip trip & fall injuries resulting from a fall caused by a slip or trip in Chicago Evanston and Rockford. Second to motor vehicle accidents, slip trip and falls are a leading cause of injury in the United States. Daily living is filled with dangers and hazards.

Some common types of falls are:

• Same-level falls. These falls generally involve poor lighting, a slippery surface, a depression in the surface, or an object in the walking path.

• Elevated falls. Elevated falls, such as falling down stairs or off a ladder, are less common but can lead to the most severe injuries.

The most frequently injured part of the body in falls is the back. The joints, including the wrist, elbow, shoulder, ankle, knee and hip are the second most common injured body part. The leading cause of brain injuries is slip and falls.

Usually, the property owner and the injured person share varying degrees of responsibility for the fall. Questions that will determine liability are: “was the property owner aware of a hazardous condition and did he taken the appropriate actions to correct it?” and “was the hazard open and obvious or was it unavoidable?” Before a determination of whether liability warrants compensation, an experienced attorney must carefully analyze the facts of the case.

Our attorneys at Taradji Law Offices understand the intricate legal and medical issues involved in Chicago Evanston Rockford slip trip and fall (or trip and fall) accidents. We have successfully helped our Chicago Evanston and/or Rockford clients receive compensation for their medical bills, wages lost, and pain and suffering resulting from their injuries.

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