Chicago Police Brutality – New Allegations Surface Against Rogue Chicago Police Officers

April 25, 2011

Personal injuries resulting from Chicago Police Brutality cases are common enough and are the result of a variety of events. The allegations in the Chicago personal injury lawsuit filed by the plaintiffs in the case illustrated below are particularly egregious.

On a summer evening six years ago, Jose Fematt and his younger sister did what most kids do as the day fades — they changed into their pajamas and planted themselves on the front-room couch to watch television.

Outside the three large windows of the first-floor apartment, Jose, 13, who was baby-sitting his sister, heard a commotion and saw the glow of flashlights in the dark. Suddenly, the family’s apartment door crashed open, and plainclothes Chicago police officers barged in with their guns drawn and yelling at the stunned children, according to a recently filed lawsuit.

The officers were part of the Special Operations Section, or SOS, an elite squad that investigated drugs and guns. They were also rogue cops who were later convicted of terrorizing numerous residents with home invasions, illegal searches and trumped-up charges in one of the department’s most infamous scandals. The unit was disbanded in 2007.

On that August 2005 night on the Northwest Side, the SOS officers separated Jose from his sister and handcuffed him so tightly that his wrists swelled, according to a lawsuit filed this month in federal court.

New allegations surface against rogue Chicago police officers in SOS unit –

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