Ignorance and Miss-Information Does Not Help Anyone.

December 1, 2010

I came across this entry on some blog I stumbled upon quite by error. It is simply very sad to see ignorance of the law be the basis of an opinion. Here, the entire piece is based on an hypothetical that has no basis in the law–in fact the acts the writer claims to be an example of abuse is already illegal!

You would perhaps tell me why I did not put a comment setting the writer straight? To which I can only answer, that I did just that, but he or she chose not to put my comment up. Regrettably.

In any event, in Illinois and other States you do not have the right to sue your employer for injuries caused while working. You may file a worker’s compensation claim and get your medical bills, wage loss and temporary total disability all paid for by your employer’s worker’s compensation insurance. You do not have the right to bring a lawsuit against the employer and if you do, it will simply be dismissed.

So the entire piece below is based on complete fantasy.

One other things I also found interesting are the comments. One of the comments refer to the McDonald’s case as a prime example of abuse. Once again, ignorance of facts is allowing miss-information and lack of curiosity and attempt to find the facts to propagate that which is simply not true. In my comment to the author I also suggest this website where the commentator would be able to get some answers and information regarding the facts of the MacDonald’s case and perhaps knowing the facts would change his or her mind.

in any event, read this with the knowledge that the hypothetical is already against the law:

Are Personal Injury Lawyers good or bad and what about common sense? Here is what I mean.Eg. A man working in a factory sees that something has got stuck inside one of the machines, without thinking he crosses a thick red line on the floor and tries to free the thing thats stuck, in doing so he injures himself.After he’s come back from hospital, he calls the Personal Injury Lawyers and sues the company for injuring him.What do you think of this?An example of this could happen, and to stop it the manager could have a rule saying if anyone breaks the safety rules, they not only risk their lives but also their job, eg. Break the rule, lose your job.

via Personal Injury Lawyers and common sense?.


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