Question & Answer – At Will Employee Fired

September 30, 2010

Question: I was in a serious motorcycle accident where I broke 29 bones. I had just completed a probationary period and was hired as a full time employee. Due to my accident I was terminated and lost medical coverage, wages and eventually became bankrupt. A single father with full custody of two minor children added another level of complication.

The site manager said it was a business decision and I was not in the position to fight the case. Well I changed my life around and now am back on top. Can I go back after the site manager and sue him for damages; since he was the company’s representative that made that decision. At the time I was hired I was entitled to 100% medical and 4 weeks temporary disability. Surely, there could have been another way to address my situation.

Answer: As an at will employee, you can be fired for any reason whatsoever, unless the reason has to do with race, sex and/or age. You were let go, evidently, because you were injured and were not able to do you work. Unless you had a contract, or a Union to protect you, you have no recourse.

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  1. Trinity Chirinos says:

    Great notification I recently encounter your blog and have been reading along. I thought I would leave my inaugural comment. I share your concern about the lack of protections workers in America enjoy. It appears to me that it is unconscionable that a person’s life can be altered on a whim.

  2. Shirley Tennent says:

    Great information, thanks.

  3. Jim Wild says:

    wow its great post!

  4. John Andersen says:

    wow, this one is good, gonna use it. BIG thanks 🙂

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