Legal Question & Answer: Got Fired After Car Accident

October 10, 2010

Legal Question: I just started a new job- but it was passed my 90 day probationary period. I was recently in a car accident and long story short ended up in so much pain that I was rushed to a hospital. I was told by the dr to stay in bed for 1 week, then after I would be ok to return to work but would need rehab for 3-6 months. I work in a small office, and my manager said that they just cannot afford to have me miss so much work. They had to let me go, but told me I was eligible for rehire. But in the meantime I have no job and no health insurance. Is this legal?

Chicago Personal Injury Answer: As an “at will” employee without a Union or a contract to protect you or to defend you, you can be fired for any reason at any time so long as the reason is not based on your race, religion and/or gender. If only the US, along with all other industrialized countries, benefited from a sort of Universal Health Care, you would not be in this situation.

I wish there was a better answer for you but at least they are willing to re-hire you–which is something.

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  1. Susan Byod says:

    And they blame the Unions who look after their members for everything that is wrong in this country. Employees have almost no protection in this country. Shouldn’t there be something protecting a person whose livelihood depends on his work and his employer to prevent arbitrary events like this? I think there should be.

  2. Jolie Enoia says:

    This is a sad story which unfortunately happens way too often in America.

  3. forex enslow says:

    There ought to be an entity, aside from the unemployment and tax payers money, that will be able to help this guy along until he finds something else. It is easy to just throw people out and let the tax payer take care of him…It also does not make sense.

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