Legal Question & Answer: Not Happy With My Attorney

November 11, 2010

Legal Question: I had a car accident last September my car was in total, I suffered some injuries. My attorney told me that insurance will pay only 22000 and I have to pay him 33% + $4,300 for chiropractor. The attorney told me that insurance is not going to reimburse chiropractor payment because it is already include in $22,000. I told my attorney that I am not agreed with that and want to go to court to fight my case. An attorney does not like that idea and he told me that this is final offer from the insurance company and I will not get any more money from them, so it;s better if I just sign the release form. Can I fired that attorney and if yes do I still need to pay him any fees.

Personal Injury Attorney Answer: You can fire your and/or change your attorney at any time for any reason.

However, keep in mind that he has a lien on your case and so he will be entitled to the immediate reimbursement of all the costs he has advanced on your case and to a reasonable amount of compensation for the work he has done and/or the 33.33% of the $22k he has obtained as a settlement for you.

Before you go ahead and change attorneys, you must realize that more money the attorney can get for you more money he makes–so both of you have the same interest but the attorney knows the court, the jury and what a case is really worth. If he tells you that in his judgment, the case should be settled, you should seriously consider your attorney’s advice.

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    It takes a good lawyer to tell people about their rights to change attorneys. Thanks.

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