Personal Injury – Bicycle Injury – Chicago's First Protected Bicycle Lane To Be Installed

June 20, 2011

The Chicago personal injury attorneys at Taradji Law Offices have represented many cases in which bicycle riders have been injured because of vehicles and/or objects have cone into their path while ridding on and inside the bicycle paths provided by the City of Chicago.

In one such case, our client was riding his bike inside the bike lane and a motorist simply opened his car door on the driver’s side in front and into the path of our client. This caused a collision between the bike and door resulting in our client to be thrown upward and over the door, doing a somersault, and while in the air, the bike turned caused broken hip bones to our client who then hit the pavement with great force. Being “doored” is one of the most common bicycle personal injuries which occurs in the City of Chicago.

“So, it was with great interest that we read news about the protected bike lanes the City of Chicago has decided to implement-albeit on a limited and experimental fashion. Our Chicago personal injury attorneys believe that to be a step in the right direction to protect both bikers and drivers from finding themselves in a collision course.

Chicago’s first protected bicycle lane, separating bike riders from vehicles, will be installed on a short section of Kinzie Street, according to Ald. Brendan Reilly.

Reilly’s 42nd Ward newsletter released on Friday said the special type of bike lane, called a cycle track, will be tested on Kinzie between Milwaukee Avenue and Wells Street, a half-mile stretch that is used by many cyclists who commute in the central area.

Cycle tracks separate bicyclists from motor vehicle traffic typically by using a divider such as a construction barrier, a concrete planter box or a raised median placed to the left of the bikes-only lane. For this pilot project, flexible posts will be installed. A sidewalk may exist to the right of the cycle track, but all motorized vehicles, whether moving or parked, are to the left of the barricade.

The Chicago Department of Transportation received a $3.2 million federal grant to build and test a cycle track. CDOT had initially planned to install the track on Stony Island Avenue, between 69th and 77th Streets. But the location, chosen mainly because Stony Island has abundant lane capacity, was dropped from consideration because too few bicyclists use the corridor, officials said.

Reilly’s newsletter said construction of the Kinzie cycle track may begin this week. It said completion is expected by June 17, which is “Bike to Work Day” in Chicago.”

via Chicago’s first protected bicycle lane, separating bike riders from vehicles, will be installed on a short section of Kinzie Street –

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