Personal Injury – Car Accident – Crash Victims File Personal Injury Law Suit

October 13, 2011

This is a typical case where the perpetrator’s insurance (in this case probably the administrators who have been hired by the self insured City to adjust this sort of claims) where there is clear liability, catastrophic injuries and a complete lack of interest by the liable party to take responsibility for their action and adjust the claim without further need for litigation.

Here, law in Indiana limits the amount the Indianapolis has to may to a maximum of $700,000. You would think that it is a open and shut case with a defendant who was drunk, causing a car accident in which a person has been so seriously injured that has medical bills of about $500,000. With the low limits, one would expect Indianapolis to have adjusted this claim long ago.

Deny, defend and delay has been the blue print of action by many in the Insurance Industry, because in the long run it pays. City of Chicago, not long ago, has opted for the policy of denying all claims even those that have merit because faced with a tough battle many attorneys and/or injured parties opt out of litigation and this, in turn, will result in lower liability costs for the City.

Perhaps Indianapolis has learned from the City of Chicago?

Two people who were severely injured when an Indianapolis police officer hit their motorcycle are suing the officer, the police department and the city for unspecified damages.

Kurt Weekly and Mary Mills, who married earlier this summer, filed the lawsuit Tuesday in Marion County against former Officer David Bisard and the other defendants.

Weekly, who suffered a serious brain injury in the crash, said he incurred more than $500,000 in medical expenses and has lost wages as a result of the August 2010 crash that also killed a second motorcyclist, 30-year-old Eric Wells.

via Bisard Crash Victims Sue Officer, IMPD, City – Indiana News Story – WRTV Indianapolis.

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