Personal Injury – Driver Who Killed Pedestrian May Have Been Updating Facebook Status

February 17, 2011

I am hearing personal injury cases caused by distracted drivers such as the one below more often than I like to admit. Whether it is causing personal injuries of various kind resulting from driving while texting, emailing, facebooking, or even talking on a cell phone, this sort of injury accidents caused by distracted drivers are getting to be an everyday occurrence.

Not long ago I saw a youtube video of a woman who entered in an airport while texting and as she walked and texted she failed to see the pool full of water in her path and, as the footage from the security cameras attest, she fell into the pool full of water.

Of course such incidents are funny and causes a lot of laughter in Jon Stewart’s Daily Show; but, when the consequences are death to an innocent bystander, the matter is no longer funny.

On December 7th, 70-year-old Raymond Veloz was driving around Chicago’s South Side when he got in a minor accident. When Veloz got out of his car to inspect the damage and exchange information with the driver of the other car, a woman named Araceli Beas allegedly hit him with her vehicle. He was later pronounced dead at a nearby hospital.

Although Beas blamed the sun for blocking her vision, Veloz’s family believes Facebook may have played a bigger role in the accident. According to the lawsuit, Beas updated her Facebook status from her cell phone at 7:54 a.m. — the exact same time Veloz placed a call to 911. Veloz’s daughter, Regina Cabrales, alleges that the woman irresponsibly drove “without keeping a proper and sufficient outlook,” failed to slow down to avoid an accident, and drove while using an electronic device — something that Illinois state law forbids.

via Driver Who Killed Pedestrian Was Updating Facebook Status, Lawsuit Claims.

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