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Nima Taradji

•$5,000,000 verdict in Wrongful Death action to the surviving mother of a 15 year old boy who was shot and killed by a 17 year old using his grandfather’s gun.

• $4,000,000 verdict in Wrongful Death action to the survivors of the deceased. The defendant fatally injured the deceased in a fit of rage and jealousy. The award was for $1,000,000 each to the two adult daughters and $2,000,000 to the minor son.

• $365,000 for a premises liability case where the client injured his back when pushing a door open behind which the defendant had placed a ladder blocking the door. The door recoiled back toward the plaintiff and caused injuries to several vertebrae necessitating surgical intervention.

• $235,000 for a trip and fall knee and back injuries where the victim was unable to see the end of a platform due to faulty construction and inadequate signage.

• $200,000 settlement for a woman and her passenger who were injured when the defendant turned left in front of them causing the collision and fractured leg for one and broken shoulder for the other.

• 175,000 settlement for a woman who tripped and fell and twisted her ankle tearing a tendon.

• $175,000 for a trip and fall in a liquor store where the victim broke his ankle as the result of the careless placement of a box on the floor.

• $170,000 settlement for a woman whose wheelchair tipped over when the defendant failed to provide proper care while pushing the plaintiff forward. Flair up of per-existing knee condition.

• $120,000 arbitration award for a man who while helping the defendant cut a tree fell from the tree and injured himself.

• $100,000 (policy limit) settlement for a man who was ridding his bicycle along a Chicago street and was hit by the defendant’s car door when the defendant opened the car door without looking causing collision between the biker and the biker.

• $100,000 (policy limit) for a 12 year old who broke her ankle when she darted across the street and got hit by oncoming traffic in a school zone.

• $100,000 settlement reached for a client who went to the hospital with abdomen pain and whose appendicitis was miss-diagnosed causing her appendix to burst necessitating an emergency surgery and hospital stay.

Results vary based on specific facts of each case. The results enumerated above should not be taken as a guaranteed outcome.
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