US Chamber of Commerce Is At It Again.

January 7, 2010

the US Chamber of Commerce has consistently engaged in disseminating false information to the masses. At some point they should stop doing that.

U.S. Chamber: More Lawsuit Malarkey

A spokesman for the Chamber, Mark Szymanski, told us the ad began airing “nationally” in late December and will continue to air until the end of January. But he would not disclose the amount of money the Chamber Institute for Legal Reform is spending on the ad.

Szymanski said the source for the ad’s claim is an October 2005 study, “Impact of Litigation on Small Businesses,” conducted for the Small Business Administration by Klemm Analysis Group Inc. of Washington, D.C. But that report says nothing of the sort. In fact, it found that less than 15 percent of federal lawsuits target any business entity at all, and that roughly half of those, or fewer, involved small businesses.

This is not the first time we’ve caught the Chamber making an inflated claim about the impact of lawsuits.

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