Tips & Tricks – 4 Ways to Ease the Personal Injury Claims Process (Plus One)

July 27, 2011

1. Gather witness details – eyewitness reports are vital for any accident case where the ultimate goal is compensation. Having an outside party who can confirm the series of events strengthens a claim and brings you one step closer to a successful case. This means that at the site of the accident you should question any bystanders and get their contact information.

2. Take photographs of the accident scene, property damage, and visible injuries – The cliché states that “a picture is worth a thousand words” and in a lawsuit that is 100% true because photographs of all the damage sustained will confirm your injuries and losses and tremendously strengthen your case. Photos should be taken immediately after the accident to get an accurate portrayal of weather conditions, road conditions, and the accident scene.

3. Seek immediate medical treatment – If you are aiming for compensation you will need medical documentation that details all of your injuries and the treatments and medical attention provided to you. Your injury lawyer in Joliet, Illinois, will need this documentation when placing a value on your claim.

4. Keep a thorough record of your losses – at some point in the case it may be necessary to calculate the total financial losses suffered from the accident and in order to do that you must accurately document all of the expenses related to the accident. You should include medical bills, prescription and over-the-counter medication bills, lost wages, and expenses for household help.

+1. Sooner you get a personal injury attorney to start acting on your behalf, sooner you will be able to get your claim resolved. The single most positive step you can take to make sure your claim is fairly and reasonably resolved is to speak with an attorney without any delay.

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