A Great Analogy

January 5, 2010

Surfing the net I came across this great analogy describing the so called Tort Reform. This is exactly it–the attempt to prevent the little person, the regular folk, the You and I people to bring their grievance into a court of law and have other little people, other regular folks hear the evidence from both sides and render a judgment. And this only and only and only for the protection of the profits taken in by the Insurance Industry and nothing else.

Changes in Personal Injuries | Niche Volumes

If after David beat Goliath the government decreed that henceforth when people fight giants, they must do so with six-inch sling shots and pebbles instead of rocks, there would be a huge outcry of protest. However, the changes that are being imbedded in our legal system in the name of tort reform are attempting to do the same thing.

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