Universal Health Care Is The Best Tort Reform?

November 5, 2009

I made a Google search and could not find much on point. In fact, a search including the words Universal Health Care, tort reform and trial lawyer produces pages and pages and pages of editorials, blogs, news and opinion pieces on why Tort Reform is necessary to reduce health care costs. The obvious misinformation aside, I am amazed at the machinery that produces so much lies and misleading information for the benefit of the Insurance Industry. No wonder it has become almost axiomatic that Tort Reform will lead to reduce health care costs and premiums and happy doctors and better care and a chicken in every pot forever!

In any event, my search was to find out whether there was anything written on the effect of a Medicare for all type Universal Health Care on our Tort System and Trial Lawyers in general. It occurred to me that the right wingers should love the idea since I believe principally such a system would have a huge impact (and a negative one at that) upon the Trial Lawyers’ bottom line. Right now, Medicare pays a few cents on the dollar for medical bills and has an automatic right of recovery that attaches to all third party claims based on the payments made. Wouldn’t then a Universal Health Care System reduce the value of all cases by having fixed the cost of health care to a minimal amount? I think that would have a huge impact on how unintentional tort cases will be handled.

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