Utter Ignorance of Injury Lawsuits and Prejudice…

October 22, 2010

There is prejudice against victims of injury emanating from this piece of writing I stumbled on, quite by accident. This unaware writer refers to the McDonald’s lawsuit filed by Stella Liebeck as an example of abuse. Perhaps he should do well reading the facts of the Liebeck case before engaging in spewing propaganda and miss-informational to the public at large. It is really not that hard, you can Google it or simply click here.

A man who lives in Florida has settled a burn lawsuit against McDonald’s that was filed in 2005.  The plaintiff filed a lawsuit against the fast-food giant following burns he received from an exploding chicken sandwich that spattered hot grease on him.  The burn lawsuit the Florida man filed against the maker of the “Big Mac”, asked for $2M in damages, but was settled for an undisclosed amount.  Is this another example of the need for more tort reform, another frivolous lawsuit, or a resurgence of Liebeck v. McDonald’s Restaurants”?

via Man Settles McDonald’s Sandwich Burn Suit -… | Gather.

No, it is not. If it is example of anything, it is example of the tort system working as it should, despite the assault by those who would like to see consumers fend for themselves and be left without any protection against abuse and neglect.


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