Wal-Mart, Lion’s Gate, Kraft, Tullett in Court

December 20, 2010

The Class Action process has come under attack from various businesses in the recent years. Some big corporations, believe that if the cost of litigation is made to be equal or more to the amount in controversy, most consumers will simply rather not bother and deal with it–allowing the corporation to get away with little fraudulent acts here and there. These acts may be too small to bother for many consumers, but ma amount to millions of dollars in illegal revenues for big corporations with millions of customers at their disposal.

Class action lawsuits are the process by which attorneys and law firms can get involved by pooling together all similar claims and making one big claim worth pursuing. Safeguarding the ability of consumers to pool together and keeping the process as strong as possible is an important consumer protection.

Wal-Mart is accused in the 9-year-old suit of paying women less than men for the same jobs and giving female workers fewer promotions. Six women are seeking to serve as class representatives, including Betty Dukes, a Wal-Mart greeter in Pittsburg, California.Wal-Mart said in a statement it was pleased the Supreme Court granted review. “The current confusion in class-action law is harmful for everyone — employers, employees, businesses of all types and sizes and the civil justice system,” the company said.“We are confident that the decision to certify the class was sound,” Joseph Sellers, who represents the women, said in a statement.

via Wal-Mart, Lion’s Gate, Kraft, Tullett in Court News – BusinessWeek.

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