Wrongful Death – Truck Accident – Woman Killed In Head-on Collision With Truck

September 15, 2011

Mary Lacy, 49, of Lynwood, was involved in a truck accident and died instantly Friday afternoon when her SUV was hit head-on by a semi truck on Illinois 394 just north of Glenwood-Dyer Road.

Her friends and family were planning on celebrating her birthday in coming days.

Lacy was traveling in the southbound lanes near Glenwood-Dyer Road in her Ford Explorer about 4:55 p.m. when the northbound truck suddenly veered across the grassy median and hit her SUV.

At this point it is not clear why the truck veered off road and collided with the SUV in the opposite lane of traffic.

May such truck accidents occur as the result of operator error resulting from fatigue, drug and alcohol abuse, illnesses and other such reasons. Or, they can be the result of equipment failure.

Wrongful death events resulting from truck accidents occur in a split second and that split second changes many lives: the direct victim of the truck accident, spouses, children, friends and all those who knew the victim.

All who are concerned will have to wait for the result of the ensuing investigation to find out the reason for this tragic event and whether or not it was one that could have been avoided.

via Lynwood woman killed in crash would have celebrated birthday – Chicago Sun-Times.

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