75% Of Medical Malpractice Suits Are Justified-Harvard Study

November 30, 2009

The lawsuit legal system is working

According to a Harvard study, only one in eight instances of medical negligence ever becomes a malpractice lawsuit. There have been numerous studies on frivolous lawsuits. Harvard University School of Public Health found in a study that 97 percent of all malpractice claims are meritorious. Meritorious means that the claims were brought after an injury and with a good faith basis in believing that a doctor committed medical negligence.

Subsequent to this study, “The New England Journal of Medicine” conducted further studies in 2006 into frivolous medical malpractice suits and determined that 75 percent of all malpractice lawsuits filed were justified and deserved payment. The article in The Journal stated: “The malpractice system performs reasonably well in its function of separating claims without merit from those with merit and compensating the latter.” The Journal further stated that the: “portrait of a malpractice system stricken with frivolous lawsuits is overblown.”

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