A Deal You Can Refuse

August 17, 2008

Most People Are Misinformed About Tort Reform

Are Your Really Willing To Sign This Contract With The Medical Profession Limiting Your Damages?

I, the undersigned, agree to the following terms regarding medical care provided to myself, my family, relatives and friends:

1. I believe compensation limits are a good thing, no matter how negligent a hospital or doctor may be.

2. I will limit my medical malpractice compensation to $250,000 no matter what the circumstances or extent of injury and harm. This includes serious injury and death.

3. Even if I, my spouse, children, parents, relatives or other loved ones are crippled, disfigured, blinded, live in chronic and severe pain or humiliation for the rest of our lives, the most anyone should ever be able to receive for the harm is $250,000.

4. If my spouse or child is killed by the negligence of a hospital or doctor and a jury of my peers awards me One Million Dollars after listening to all of the facts and evidence, I agree to let the attorneys for the hospital and judge reduce the amount awarded to the arbitrary figure of $250,000.

5. It is OK for the hospital or doctor to sue me for any amount they wish.

6. I agree to pay back to my own insurance company 100% of the medical bill reimbursement I receive from my case against the hospital or doctor.

7. I accept that the hospital and doctor have superseding rights and can place restrictions on my personal rights and ability to get on with my life.

8. I agree in advance that no matter how bad a hospital or doctor may harm me, I will keep everything about it a secret. Even if they have harmed other people in the past and will harm more people in the future.

Dated: ___________ Signed: ______________

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