Accutane Lawsuits

July 8, 2010

When I heard about Accutane and the possibility of injuries I became very concerned since I knew many persons, some dear friends,m who used that product when they were younger. Aside from the case mentioned below, there are other cases progressing under a class action lawsuit against Accutane product.

The lawsuit, filed by Jason Peipert of Grainte City, Illinois in 2003, alleges that the acne medication Accutane (isotretinoin) caused him to develop a severe gastrointestinal disorder known as inflammatory bowel disease. Peipert filed the lawsuit against Accutane manufacturer Hoffman-LaRoche, Inc., Roche Laboratories, and Dr. Daniel Goran, the doctor who prescribed him the medication.

In 2007, the case progressed and was supposed to reach trial. After being delayed on multiple occasions, Hoffman LaRoche, Inc. and Roche laboratories settled with Peipert in March 2010, following mediation, but Peipert's case against Dr. Goran remained open and was set to go to trial April 19, 2010.

According to the Madison Record, Dr. Goran settled with Peipert just before the April 19 trial date.

Since Peipert agreed to a settlement with all parties, Hoffman-LaRoche, Inc. and Roche Laboratories were asking for “a good faith finding” prior to meeting with Circuit Court Judge David Hylla. Judge Hylla was set to hear arguments in favor of the settlement on June 25, 2010.

Details of the settlements concerning Peipert's lawsuits are not available.

via Accutane Lawsuit 2010: Inflammatory Bowel Disease Lawsuit Nearing Resolution

If you or your loved one have been injured as a result of your use of Accutane, contact Taradji Law Offices. We may be able to help.

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