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chicago evanston personal injury attorneysChicago Evanston Rockford Personal injury encompasses a vast area of law that is designed to compensate victims for injuries sustained as a result of other’s negligent or wrongful acts. Incidents such as slips and falls, product liability, car accidents, nursing home abuse, birth injuries (such as cerebral palsy), and medical malpractice, are all areas covered by the field of Personal Injury.

The cornerstones of every personal injury case are the elements of liability and damages. These elements can be established based on theories of negligence, strict liability, or intentional wrong. The Taradji Law Offices can advise you on how to file your claim and will help you build the strongest case possible.

• Negligence: When a negligence case is filed, the claimant is accusing the defendant of acting or failing to act in a reasonable manner, which resulted in personal injury. An example of negligence would be a driver that fails to yield the right of way and causes a collision and injuries.

• Strict liability: Strict liability deals with product liability law. In this area of personal injury law, manufacturers are held strictly liable if a defective product enters the market and injures a consumer.

• Intentional wrong: Under this area of law, the claimant can file a civil lawsuit as well as filing criminal charges. An example of an intentional wrong claim would be assault and battery.

An award of compensatory damages, for victims involved in a personal injury case, are intended to recompense medical bills, income lost, permanent disabilities, pain and suffering, property damages, emotional distress, and other injuries. If another person’s negligence has caused you to suffer personal injuries in Chicago, Evanston or Rockford area, it is important to seek counsel from the personal injury lawyers of the Taradji Law Offices. Our attorneys have the experience and expertise to help you successfully litigate your Chicago, Evanston and/or Rockford personal injury case.

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