Chicago Personal Injury Lawsuit Filed in the 4th Of July Stampede Case in Bellevue

April 15, 2011

A second lawsuit has been filed as a result of the July 4 parade stampede in Bellevue.

An Illinois couple is suing the owner of the horses and buggy, which ran amok during the annual Heritage Day parade, injuring dozens, including their daughter, and killing the owner’s wife.

Kevin and Lee Armstrong, of Plainfield, Ill., filed the suit last month in Jackson County District Court against Mardell Steines, of Spragueville, Iowa, and the city of Bellevue on behalf of their daughter, Teagan, who was 6 at the time of the accident. They are seeking fair compensation for her injuries and for lawsuit costs. They have demanded a jury trial.

On July 4, as a knot of first responders worked on Teagan, stabilizing her near the curb of Riverview Street and readying her to be taken by ambulance to The Finley Hospital, a clearly distraught Kevin Armstrong told the TH, “A friend ran to pull her out of the way but couldn’t get there in time. She was so excited to be here and catching candy.”

The suit claims Steines was negligent in operating the carriage and handling the horses, used unsafe horses and rigging for the parade and did not have safety precautions or an emergency plan in case the horses got out of control. It also claims the city did not have a safe parade route, did not protect pedestrians along the route, failed to have an emergency plan and allowed unfit horses to be part of the parade.

via TH – Local News Article.

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