Crazy Pants Story

May 11, 2007

By now we have all heard about the DC Administrative Judge who is suing his dry cleaner for millions of dollars. This is one of the only responses I have been able to find written by a trial attorney and it is a common sense response:

What the public does not get to hear enough about are the everyday cases that go in front of judges and juries that uphold the Constitution’s promise of justice for all. More truly newsworthy are cases that have assisted in pulling dangerous pharmaceuticals off the shelves of drugstores, cases that have forced clothing manufacturers to discontinue flammable children’s pajamas, and cases that led to greater ingenuity in auto manufacturing when side-saddle gas tanks were found to be explosive. These are just a few instances among many where the Civil Justice System protects us all.

The public also rarely sees stories about the lawyers who are compassionate and generous community leaders. For example, Scott Delius, an Atlanta trial lawyer, is voluntarily serving in Afghanistan and assisting in the building of a criminal justice system there. He also has begun a charitable donation effort to collect clothes and toys for the Afghan children he has met. Gary Hays, another Atlanta trial lawyer, has done incredible fundraising for cancer research through his “I Will Make A Difference Campaign.” Giving back to the community — wherever that may be — is a proud tradition of our profession. The case of the missing pants most likely will continue to get press in the weeks to come as it awaits a hearing. When this ridiculous case gets before a judge, I am confident it will be dealt with in a manner that will make us proud of our Civil Justice System.

A Trial Attorney’s Reply to the Crazy Pants Lawsuit in D.C.

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