Dannon Settles on Health Benefit Claims

December 22, 2010

Lisa Madigan, my Hero, has once again done good for the consumers in Illinois by helping the settlement of the case where Dannon did not provide the entire truth to the public–that is, you need to take three times the amount of yogurt you would usually eat in order for the claims in the advertising to be true. Well, Dannon will now give all the necessary information to the public.

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Accused of making unsubstantiated claims of health benefits for its Activia yogurt and DanActive dairy drink, the Dannon Company has agreed to a $21 million settlement with Illinois and 38 other states, officials announced Wednesday.

The Federal Trade Commission said Dannon lacked scientific evidence to substantiate its claims that Activia relieves bowel irregularity and that DanActive helps prevent cold and flu. Attorneys general from 39 states aided the FTC investigation and will share $21 million. Illinois will get $425,000 of that, Attorney General Lisa Madigan’s office said.

Dannon spokesman Michael Neuwirth said the company is not withdrawing the disputed ads but will have to state that three daily servings of Activia are needed to improve regularity. The company said it never marketed DanActive as a cold and flu remedy.

via Dannon settles on health benefit claims; Ill. to receive $425,000 – Chicago Sun-Times.

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