Everyone Wants Heatlhcare Reform

August 8, 2008

Americans Opt by Landslide for Wholesale Revision of Healthcare System

“A majority of adults look to the next president to lead by proposing reforms that could improve the quality of healthcare, ensure affordable care, and decrease the number of uninsured,” the survey report said. “Across income levels, region, and political affiliation, adults want presidential candiĀ­dates to focus on health reforms in each of these areas.

“About nine of 10 adults say it is important for presidential candidates to have reform proposals that would improve the quality of care (90%), ensure care and insurance are affordable (93%), and decrease the number of uninsured (88%). In fact, a majority think these policy priorities are very important.”

Irrespective of income, 32% of the respondents called for a completely rebuilt health system and another 50% percent thought it required fundamental changes.

Eighty-one percent of respondents who were insured all year and 89% who were uninsured at some point during the year called for fundamental change or complete rebuilding.

About nine out of 10 respondents think the next president should take steps to improve healthcare quality, reduce the cost of healthcare and decrease the number of uninsured people.

The majority of respondents (73%) expressed frustration with their recent healthcare encounters including difficulty getting regular doctor’s appointments, receiving advice and seeing a clinician during non-office hours.

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