FDA Contradicts Itself

December 2, 2008

With the FDA having become a politicized entity, I am not sure I can trust any of its findings and especially when they contradict itself. So which is it: melamine and cyanuric acid in baby formula is OK or not OK?

FDA Discounts Danger From Melamine in U.S.-Made Infant Formula

Levels of melamine found in a sample of U.S.-made infant formula do not pose a safety risk, the FDA said.

The agency detected trace amounts of the toxic chemical in a single sample of Nestle Nutrition’s Good Start Supreme Infant Formula with Iron.

Melamine was found in concentrations of 137 and 140 parts per billion. In an updated risk assessment, the FDA said that concentrations less than 1,000 parts per billion do not raise safety concerns. Earlier the FDA had said no level of melamine was safe. (See: FDA Says No Safe Level of Melamine in Baby Formula)

Agency testing also found cyanuric acid — a chemical relative of melamine — at concentrations of 247, 245, and 249 parts per billion in a single sample of Mead Johnson’s Enfamil Lipil with Iron. Levels below 1,000 parts per billion are considered tolerable, according to the updated risk assessment.

The FDA is still awaiting results from 13 of the 87 samples tested.

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