Food Poisoning In Small Restaurants Is Big Issue

July 30, 2010

I had not idea about the statistics involved in food poisoning. So many personal injuries just by eating out and many wrongful death cases as well.

Food poisoning outbreaks sourced from small restaurants, caterers, and home-prepared foods have been underreported for many years. However, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention CDC recently released a study that documented 7,921 outbreaks involving food prepared in a restaurant/deli 101,907 illnesses, 3,309 hospitalizations, and 4 deaths as well as 833 outbreaks involving food prepared by a caterer 29,738 illnesses, 345 hospitalizations, and 4 deaths. Food prepared in a private home was responsible for 1,546 reported outbreaks 22,600 illnesses, 1395 hospitalizations, 21 deaths.

via Foodpoisoning lawsuit filed in Will County, Illinois

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  1. Stuart Mckinzy says:

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  2. Jim Bertsche says:

    TY for the helpful info! I would never have discovered this by myself!

  3. Carrie Belmonte says:

    This is definitely an incredible blog!

  4. Denisha Oehlert says:

    Makes me not want to eat out anymore. As a consumer, I feel there is nothing protecting me against anything.

  5. Sylvie Vartan says:

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  12. Jordan Wanna says:

    I just cannot imagine why there is no real oversight on these establishments. One of the issue I suppose is lack of funding for inspectors… we have so much money to spend in Iraq but not enough for our own needs.

  13. Angelita says:

    Makes me not want to eat out anymore. As a consumer, I feel there is nothing protecting me against anything.

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