How To: Choose A Personal Injury Attorney

January 11, 2011

There is not enough that can be said about choosing a personal injury attorney. Often times, I am asked by an injured person who is represented by another personal injury attorney about whether they should go along with the advice their injury lawyer is giving to them.

It is nearly impossible to give an opinion on another attorney’s work. Because first, when I am asked that question I am only given a sliver of detail about the case. I have not reviewed the file. I have not taken the depositions. I do not have a complete picture of the case in my mind before I can go ahead and give an opinion about the value of the case. Second, there are a lot of intangibles that come to play in a personal injury case and during its litigation. The Judge and things he or she may have said during various case managements, all conversation with witnesses and other attorneys. So, in a nutshell, it is simply impossible to answer the question about whether or not a person should go ahead and follow the advice of their injury attorney during the disposition of a case.

So, choosing an attorney to represent you in your personal injury case is very important. You must trust your lawyer and know that if he or she is giving you an advice, that advice is the best given the givens of the case you have. Not all cases are the same and not all cases, even those with similar injuries, should be expected to have the same outcome.

In choosing an attorney, I find the blog “Content for Reprint” to have some good points worthy of considering.

1. Check their websites and gather information about them in the internet. Does your data reveal that have expertise or capability in the field of personal injury cases?

2. Lawyers that represent injured individuals generally do not also defend in personal injury lawsuits. Call the attorneys office and ask who primarily represent.

3. Find out if the attorney is a member of the Personal injury trial lawyers associations like the American Association of Trial Lawyers

4. Visit your states bar association Website or call them to verify if the attorney on your list is reliable and in good standing.

5. Ask family and friends for references before you do hire an attorney. Also, talk to individuals who can comment on your attorneys or lawyers trustworthiness and skills by contacting and asking your lawyers clients.

6. Ask regarding conflict of interest. For instance, does the attorney represent opposing parties? If he defending for instance, an establishment with a personal injury lawsuit, then he may not represent you, who is having a personal injury case.

7. Request for a duplicate of the law firms promotional materials and brochures that they may have and double such materials along side your other references or sources.

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