Illinois Repeals the Death Penalty

March 10, 2011

This was long overdue. Long overdue for the Government to get our of the vengeance business. It has been proven over and over again that the death penalty is not a deterrent to crimes and in fact, in the countries with no death penalty, the crime rates are lower which goes to show the death penalty has nothing to do with crime reduction. Nor does it serve to reduce recidivism amongst criminals. In essence it is only a political tool to show a candidate is tough on crime.

In reality, the death penalty is only there to serve the needs of the needs of the survivors to help family members to have a closure of some sort–although, psychologists will tell you that it does not even serve that purpose to the extent advertised.

All is all, with the ineffectiveness of the death penalty to combat crime in conjunction with the number of innocent people who have found themselves on the death row, it makes only sense to eliminate this barbaric method of taking a life.

Today, Illinois is expected to officially end the practice of state-sanctioned murder. It only took them 232 years.Democratic Gov. Pat Quinn, a supporter of capital punishment, was reportedly on track to sign a bill abolishing the death penalty. The bill has been on his desk since early January, after it cleared the state’s Senate by a vote of 32-25.

Confirmation that the governor would sign the bill came from Rep. Karen Yarbrough D, who told The Chicago Tribune that the governor’s people said it would happen Wednesday.

“They point-blank told me they were signing the bill Wednesday,” she reportedly said.The move to end the state’s long history of official murder was reportedly praised by President Barack Obama, who met with Gov. Quinn last week in the White House. “The governor said Barack had complimented him and the state on our work on civil unions and the death penalty,” state Sen. Kwame Raoul D told The Chicago Sun-Times.Capital punishment has been on hold in Illinois for the last 11 years, after a Republican governor, George Ryan, suspended it.

via Illinois repeals the death penalty | The Raw Story.

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