Information – Some Frequently Asked Question About Personal Injury Cases – FAQ

November 2, 2011

1. In Case Of An Accident Why Would You Need an Auto Accident Attorney?
Contrary to some people’s belief, accidents do not happen absent someone’s negligence or carelessness, or absent a defective part in a vehicle or absent dangerous practices of industry or entities. This accidents or better incidents may, and have on many occasions caused personal injury to people who happen to be around when things start going wrong. Why should these people who have suffered personal injury through no fault of their own be made to pay for the consequences, medical bills, past, current and future treatments, wage loss, and other losses and a damages they have made to incur? When the person who has caused the incident that has resulted in these damages refuses to take responsibility for the loss he or she has caused (or he does take responsibility but grossly under-value the loss incurred) your best option is to contact a Chicago and Evanston personal injury attorney to help you recover what you deserve.

2. Yes, but Do I Need An Attorney For All Accidents?
No. Sometimes the loss is too small or, on rare occasions, the person or entity who has caused the damages is responsible and reasonable enough that you do not need the help of a Chicago and Evanston personal injury attorney.

3. How The Lawyer Charges His Fees?
Generally, personal injury attorneys will not charge you to meet you or to talk to you over the phone to consult with you and evaluate your case cases. Once the personal injury lawyer decides, based on the facts you have given, that do have a case and damages warrants taking on the case, then personal injury cases are generally taken on a contingency basis. That is, you do not pay any fees until the cases is ended (either via settlement or a verdict) and moneys collected from the responsible party.

5. What About The Cost of Litigation – Who Pays For Them and When?
In most cases, the attorney will advance you the cost of litigation which may include the cost of ordering your medical records and bills, filling fees, cost of service of process upon the defendant(s), deposition costs and such. The attorney will get reimbursed when the case is settled and distribution is taking place.

6. What If The Accident Is ‘My Fault’?
Fault is often a combination of things that has happened and often cannot be readily be ascertained absent some fact finding process. In Illinois, unless you are 51% or more at fault for the incident in which you have been injured, you are still entitled to recover a percentage of the loss you have incurred. A Chicago or Evanston personal injury attorney can determine, based on his experience, what is likely the percentage of fault that can be attributed to you, if any.

7. Am I Supposed To Speak With The Other Side’s Insurance Company?
No. Generally, I recommend that you do not speak with the other side’s insurance adjuster absent having first spoken with an attorney and having been prepared as to what to expect in that interview. Aside from that, we never recommend that you agree to a recorded statement. There are no laws that force you to have your voice be recorded during that interview. If the other side’s insurance company tells you that they will not consider your case unless you give a recorded statement, you should speak with an Chicago Evanston personal injury attorney immediately.

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