Injured in an Car Accident – What Do I Do Now? Hire A Personal Injury Attorney

September 20, 2011

If you have had the misfortune to be involved in a car accident, and you do not believe the accident was your fault, then there are things that re recommended to take into account when you decide about what to do next.

First, assess whether you are injured. If you are in pain, and you were not in pain before the car accident, then most people would consider it reasonable to go to a medical provider and have yourself examined by a doctor to assess the seriousness of your injuries. It is important that you tell the doctors about all your personal injuries honestly and thoroughly. Everything from current personal injuries and possible previous medical conditions and other injuries that may have been made worse by the car accident is recommended to be mentioned to the doctor. It is important to have very clear record of your injuries and the condition of your health reflected into the medical records.

Second, document the event. Make sure a police report is made of the auto accident where the names of all involved is reflected, including any and all witnesses. Almost all insurance companies require that a police report be presented to them when an insurance claim for personal injuries or property damage is made.

You then need to decide whether you want to pursue the claim yourself or engage the services of a Chicago personal injury attorney to provide you with legal help in getting your claim adjusted. the Insurance Research Council (IRC), did a comprehensive study comparing the value of settlements people received for the same injury when they were represented by an attorney versus when they did not have a lawyer. The IRC is a division of the American Institute for CPCU and the Insurance Institute of America. It is funded by the big insurance companies.

The IRC determined that people who were represented by an attorney received almost three and one-half times more, even after the attorney’s fees were paid.

This followed on the 2003 IRC internal document [Auto Injury Insurance Claims: Countrywide Patterns in Treatment, Cost, and Compensation Malvern, PA: December 2003] to its member insurance companies. On page 112, the IRC’s data showed the vast majority of dollars paid out to bodily injury claims are paid out to claimants who retain attorneys. Injured people with representation (less than 1/2 of claimants) received 79% of all liability payouts.

Based on the Insurance Industry’s own research a person who has been involved in an incident where she has sustained personal injuries, stands to get a better compensation were she to hire a personal injury attorney/lawyer to work for her than otherwise try to do it herself and deal with the insurance adjuster’s shenanigans herself.

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