Insurance Industry's Propaganda On Slip and Fall Injuries At Work

October 7, 2010

Propaganda and propagandists come in subtle ways. They sneak up on you when you least expect it and they get their way with you when you have your guards down. This is specially worst when you think you are getting something but underneath you are being served with something nefarious.

Look at this article which appeared in Atlanta News for example. At first brush it appears as an innocuous news article about insurance abuse. However, on a second look we find a lot of half truth and flat out bias information being peddled under the guise of a news article. For example, the entire news article is based on a report from National Insurance Crime Bureau (NICB). NICB is an organization that is supported by Insurance Industry and other self insured companies. In my years of practice, I have yet to see anyone from the Insurance Industry and/or any self insured corporation to believe in the legitimacy of any injuries sustained as the result of their insured’s negligence.

Even the preamble of this article is suspect. The writer alludes to a near miss incident that he dismissed as something that happens in life. You know… “accidents happen.” I like to see the writer’s attitude if his near miss incident would turned out to be an actual serious slip and fall where he was seriously injured… would he still espouse the same “accidents happen” attitude or faced with thousands of dollars in medical bills, would he call the first personal injury attorney in the Yellow Pages he could find? My bet is on the latter.

Further, there are no real numbers provided. The article gives you the impression that slip and fall cases are on the rise and anyone is suing anyone for slip and fall cases–even for minimal injuries. I do not see any basis for that assertion offered by the author other than the self serving assertions made by NICB.

This piece of writing is nothing but a propaganda piece, probably bought and paid for by the Insurance Industry and/or the NICB–because after all no one would need a watch dog if there was no crime!!

There is nothing morally wrong or unacceptable when it comes to holding people and corporations (after all they are people too) accountable and responsible for their acts and all damages that may stem from the negligent performance or sometimes even intentional performance of those acts.

One evening in 2009, I was leaving a restaurant in an Atlanta suburb during a rainstorm. The wheelchair access ramp was covered with small pebbles in concrete and my feet slipped out from under me. Other than a pair of torn pants, I was none the worse for wear. I know real slip and fall incidents happen, but I didn’t make an issue of it. That being said, businesses are increasingly paying more attention to these claims and how they supposedly occurred.

via Inside Insurance: Slip and Fall Claims Get Second Look – Atlanta News Story – WGCL Atlanta.

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  1. Billye Eckerman says:

    As you said before in one of the blog posts you have, this is the business of collecting premiums and not paying out. No one is in good hands and with neighbors like this who needs enemies?

  2. Jim Porteus says:

    Actually I read it yesterday but I had some thoughts about it and today I wanted to read it again because it is very well written. This is like anything else in the media–pretty much everything that is written should be taken with a grain of salt.

  3. Esan Efthand says:

    I don’t get it. There seem to be so much concern about petty theft (assuming for a second that there are fraudulent claims filed) than the major theft that really cause problems. I mean, the era of Enron, and AIG and trillion dollar frauds we call “trouble assets”, who cares if a person squeezes a couple of hundred dollars? Too much ado about nothing if you ask me.

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