Insurance – Insurance Money Runs Out On Paralyzed Athlete

August 19, 2011

The photos and awards that fill Rasul “Rocky” Clark’s bedroom tell the story of a star high school athlete.” I like looking at them,” Clark tells CBS News national correspondent Chip Reid. “They mean a lot.”

His dream of playing pro football ended eleven years ago at age 16, after a tackle during a high school football game left him paralyzed below the neck.”I have a totally different appreciation for life,” Clark says. ” I don’t take anything for granted.”

Clark’s family didn’t have insurance so for 10 years the school district’s $5 million catastrophic insurance policy paid for his around the clock care. But last year that money was exhausted.” I thought I was being taken care of for the rest of my life,” Clark says. His mother Annette quit her job to care for him day and night. “They gave him ten years to live,” she says. “He wasn’t supposed to live beyond that.

“Rasul “Rocky” Clark’s website

They depend on donations, but it’s not nearly enough. Medicaid pays for some medical care, but not the $70,000 a year medication that protects his one working lung or for a new wheelchair. To pay for his care, Annette missed mortgage payments and last month the Clarks received a foreclosure notice.

via Insurance money runs out on paralyzed athlete – CBS News.

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