Legal Question & Answer: Premises Liability-Slip & Fall

October 12, 2010

Legal Question: The entry way to my apartment is surrounded by overgrown shrubs that block my entry, no outdoor light and my stairs are broken. Last week I fell down the stairs due to slipping on one of the shrubs and my foot got caught in the broken step and i flew forward landing on my ankle and it was dark so I could not see very well! I am a waitress and do not have health insurance so haven’t been to the doctor. I have missed numerous days of work due to my injured (think it may be broken). I haven’t told my landlord yet but need to because my work doesn’t want me to injure myself more at work and doesn’t want me to work again till I see a doctor. I’m not sure how to handle this situation. Any help would be great!

Personal Injury AnswerFirst if you think your ankle is broken you need to go the ER!

Even if you file a claim against your landlord, you have a duty to mitigate your damages and if your ankle is broken and you continue walking, any additional injuries you may suffer will be your responsibility. Do, first thing you need to do after reading this is to call a cab or a friend or an ambulance and get yourself to the emergency room and get some xrays to make sure that if there is a fracture that it is properly dealt with. 

Second, slip and fall cases are not easy since you had notice of all the dangerous condition surrounding the stairs–so the same argument that would put liability on your landlord will also be used to impute some negligence on you. 

The best thing to do is to speak with a personal injury attorney in your area and see what can be done. Since you do not have health insurance, the attorney may be able to hold off the medical providers until your case is decided but at least you get the medical care you need right now.

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    The particular posting is quite very well written but it has a lot of practical truth.

  2. Darnell Blundo says:

    Slip and fall cases are so hard to prosecute I am puzzled as to why people even bother with them.

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