Let Me Count the Ways How I Love "Business"

February 20, 2011

“The House has constantly fought for reforms that improve our state’s business climate and helps the private sector to create more jobs. Maintaining our low-tax, pro-business and competitive climate is key to our state’s economic recovery.

“Businesses in South Carolina – especially small businesses – are too often one frivolous lawsuit away from being put out of business. Our goal with this Tort Reform bill is to bring fair balance to our system, lower the cost of doing business and make our state more competitive while still protecting our citizens from wrongdoing.

“Under these lawsuit abuse reform provisions, businesses will be able to operate and grow without the constant threat of costly frivolous lawsuits or overly inflated settlements hanging over them. This fairly balanced system will protect our state’s citizens, greatly benefit existing businesses and will make our state more attractive to new businesses.

via Lawsuit abuse reform bill passes House | WCBD-TV 2.

Did you catch that? I suggest you count the number of times the word “business” is used versus number of times the word “citizen” and you will find out what it is meant by “fair balance”…

Fair balance means a system where a business may conduct itself in any way it wants, with no regulation and/or supervision. And if it turns out that the practices of a business ends up causing harm to the people, the people’s recovery should not be that which is determined by the American Civil System of Justice–but by the legislature which tells you the citizens/jurors that once you have seen, heard, and evaluated all the facts and have come up with a fair verdict, it can be simply set aside and reduced to a lower amount. So why do we have juries? So why do we have a civil justice system? Why not simply place the beloved business in charge of determining how much it wants to pay for damages it has caused… Now that would be the way to love a business!

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