Malpractice Circus…

March 1, 2010

Column: GOP Circus

But maybe we shouldn’t be too harsh with the rich and their political lackeys. They may know sheiks have a private floor at the Kahler Hotel in Rochester, Minn., with a convenient passageway to the Mayo Clinic. Other sheiks find similar resources in London.

These probably are the same Republicans who believe they can control health care costs by a federal takeover of malpractice laws. Their dirty little secret is that tort reform already has been enacted in 38 states, and it isn’t controlling rising costs, anywhere, anyhow.

Colorado has had tort reform since 1988. And guess what? Increases in health care costs there over the last 22 years are among the nation’s highest.

Tort reform may lower physicians’ malpractice insurance premiums — and increase insurance company profits. But physicians do not usually lower their fees when their malpractice premiums go down.

But people seem happy with this Republican faux-solution, and they keep chanting it.

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