Medical Malpractice Wrongful Death – Alleged IV Overdose Kills Premature Infant

May 23, 2011

According to attorney Patrick Salvi, the pharmacy technician incorrectly filled an intravenous bag with 60 times the amount of sodium that Genesis’ doctor had prescribed.

The attorney also argues the hospital staff then covered up the sticker on the IV bag, which correctly described the amount of sodium actually, with a sticker that displayed the doctor’s original prescribed amount.

Salvi said the hospital admits to several mistakes.

“It was determined that a data entry error was made in the formulation of the IV solution. The dosage of sodium for an IV bag from an order had been incorrectly entered into the machine that mixes IV solutions,” hospital spokeswoman Kelly Jo Golson said in a statement.

The hospital said it has taken “comprehensive steps across Advocate to ensure this type of tragedy does not happen again,” adding: “our prayers continue to be with the family.

“The loss to the couple, who had two miscarriages before Genesis was born, has been “devastating,” said Salvi.

Fritzie Burkett said she hopes going public will bring attention to what happened to her son.

“If we can stop another family from feeling the void that we feel, our son’s death will not be in vain,” said Burkett.

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