Metra to Pay $1.45 Million to Woman as Compensation In Chicago Personal Injury CLaim

October 13, 2010

When The National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) find that the conductor was at fault and careless in following all the warning signs he encountered telling him to go about 50 miles per hour less that what his actual speed was, I would see no other outcome but a personal injury settlement… and pronto!

The whole thing is even worst that I originally thought. NTSB has found that there were no procedure or safeguard by which the conductor would be forced to follow the speed signs he or she encountered.

In a Chicago personal injury claim, Metra, a Chicago railway corporation, has recently consented to pay $1.45 million to Catherine Kozi-O’Donnell in compensation for the injuries she suffered as a result of a September 17, 2005 train derailment accident that resulted in 2 deaths and 117 injured in Illinois.

Kozi-O’Donnell suffered injuries to her leg which required corrective surgery for treatment. She also had to undergo knee replacement surgery as a result of her injuries.

The September 17, 2005 train derailment was found to be a result of the actions of a negligent engineer, Michael Smith, who allowed the train to continue traveling at a dangerous 69 mph when he was supposed to slow the train down to a mere 10 mph.  The apparent reason for this oversight was due to Michael Smith’s negligence in heeding the various signs and signals warning him to slow the train down.  This caused the Metra train to derail as it tried to change tracks at a crossing. The runaway double-decker train then collided with a steel bridge. It was five miles away from the LaSalle Street Station.  The resulting impact resulted in the deaths of 22-year old Jane Cuthbert and 38-year old Allison Walsh.

via Metra to Pay $1.45 Million to Woman as Compensation In Chicago Personal Injury CLaim.


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