Not Fair At All!

October 28, 2009

I came across this article that was published several years ago in USAToday ( ). It occurred to me that it is generally possible to fight reality-based inaccuracies. Facts are facts and are either true or false or in between. Facts can be verified and are supported by some sort of evidence-strong or weak. If there is no evidence to support it, then generally in a reality-based environment, those facts then don’t exist.

Myths on the other hand are not bound by any set of facts. Myths can be changed at will at any time to suit the proferrer’s needs. They are not based in reality. They are molded and designed to rely on the listeners’ prejudice and pre-dispositions for their existence. More uneducated the listener is the more believable myths become and the more believable they become, the harder it becomes to fight them. You can educate the listener, but then the myth will change in subtle ways and sometimes in not so subtle ways to provide alternatives and the game goes on.

Trial Lawyers have been losing the public relation game (some believe that the game has been lost for years) where the Consumer has come to view the Trial Lawyer as the Problem and not as their last line of defense against the corporations and other entities that profit from the their ignorance.

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