Personal Injury to Minor: Man Accused in Girl's Rape Should Have Been Behind Bars

February 13, 2011

Negligence leading to personal injuries comes in a variety of ways. Sometimes it appears when a person does something in a manner that fails to meet a standard of care. Some other time, it appears in the failure to act or the failure to do that which a person must do according to certain guidelines provided.

The guidelines provide a set of actions that must be taken by the person who is responsible so as to avoid harm and personal injury to people.

In the case below, the mother of the minor 13 year old who was raped by a predator who should have been behind the bar has filed a personal injury lawsuit against the probation officer and the County alleging the failure to do that which the Officer was supposed to do.

The lawsuit alleged that the probation officer assigned to closely monitor Acurie Collier after his conviction in 2009 for sexually abusing a minor failed to report curfew and other violations after unannounced visits to his Stickney home.

“Had he done his job, this man Collier would have been in jail and could not have sexually assaulted this young girl,” said attorney Timothy Cavanagh, who represents the victim’s family.

According to the probation department, sex offenders undergo specialized probation “because of the complexity of their behavior and their propensity to reoffend.” Its sex offender unit currently has four full-time probation officers overseeing about 130 cases. The officers work reduced caseloads in order to do extensive checks in the field.

“This man is a known sexual predator of young girls,” Cavanagh said. “The probation department has a specific protocol of how they’re supposed to monitor these people.

“Neither Chief Adult Probation Officer Jesus Reyes, who was named in the lawsuit, nor Chief Circuit Judge Timothy Evans, whose office oversees the probation department, would comment Wednesday.

via Lawsuit: Man accused in girl’s rape should have been behind bars – Chicago Tribune.

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