Question & Answer – Statute of Limitation of Judgment?

September 27, 2010

Question: I was in an accident in 2002 and was ordered to pay a large sum of money before i can get my license back. I have recently tried to work out a payment plan w/ the lawyer but it is absurdly high cost, and now interest has been added on to the amount. Do I have to pay the interest and what can i do to get the lawyer to work with me and get a payment plan i can actually afford? I need a hardship license to go back and forth to work, and have been denied because of this case.

Answer: There is noting in the law that will force the attorney to work with you.

You may be able to get the court to grant you a license to operate your vehicle to and form work if you can show that it is a necessity but that won’t really make your life that much easier. 

The only way to get the judgment discharged, is via bankruptcy–although that would be the so called “nuclear option” because although the judgment will be gone, you will have to deal with the BK on your record for 7 to 10 years! 

If the attorney is not working with you (he is a foul) but there is not much there that can be done unless you can live with no license, and won’t mind a potential wage garnishment.

via Is there a statute of limitations that i may not have to pay for an accident i was in? The lawyer wont work with me! –

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  1. Jim Webb says:

    Thank you….

  2. Anissa Pollard says:

    I had no idea that judgments could be renewed… that clearly sucks!

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