August 3, 2009

do you like the health plan they are proposing?

[…] Tort reform?!?! Really? And how exactly do you propose that we hold companies liable for making decisions that cost human lives? You know what actuaries do, right? They tell Ford that statistics demonstrate only 3500 of their new model cars will explode bc of the glitch they just found.

And, since there is no way to know which ones they are, the cost of recalling ALL would be 50 million. Whereas, thanks to tort reform, the cost of letting 3500 cars explode will be a maximum of only 5 million. What decision do you suppose they will make? Please, shareholders would sue the living tar out of any officers who chose to spend 50 million when they could have spent 5! Putting a cap on human life or injury is always a bad idea. Anyone who says otherwise need only consider their son or daughter in the exploding car.

When we are making decisions to limit the financial accountability a company may face, we must ALWAYS remember that money is the ONLY method we have to keep them in check. Business is amoral, necessarily so. In our country, healthcare is a business, so the same is true. Tort reform fails to consider this reality, thereby GUARANTEEING families will lose their fathers, and mothers; parents will watch their children die because it is cheaper for companies than recalling defective products.

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