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November 14, 2007

Judge Larson’s decision was right on target.

The interesting thing about the brouhaha surrounding her decision is that in all the articles I have read, there is all this talks about the hospital interest and the doctors’ interest groups that appear to be fighting for this law. There is absolutely no talk about the insurance industry who is pulling the strings from behind the scenes in all this.

As if the trial lawyers are once again pinned against the doctors and hospitals.

From my talks with doctors I know, this strategy is no longer working–at least so far as the doctors are concerned. They have become wise to the fact that the insurance companies have worked hard to force the doctors and lawyers to be adversaries while they seat back and laugh all the way to the bank by gouging the doctors and blaming it on the trial lawyers.

If only the Sun Times and other publications were to bring the truth to their readers…

Judge strikes down Illinois malpractice caps

Cook County Circuit Court Judge Diane Joan Larsen on Tuesday sided with plaintiffs’ argument that the caps on non-economic damages such as pain and suffering in medical malpractice cases violate victims’ rights.The Illinois Hospital Association said in a statement it was disappointed in the verdict but it is confident an appeal to the Illinois Supreme Court will successfully uphold the caps.


Those caps came after a lengthy, intense debate two years ago over how
to help doctors deal with soaring malpractice insurance rates. The caps
were a cornerstone of the aid lawmakers provided after feeling enormous
pressure from doctors and upset patients to prevent more doctors from
leaving the state.

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