Blaming The Victim is What Tort Reform Is All About

December 8, 2009

Kincaid hits the nail right on when he points out that if we want to compare the US to other countries in terms of litigation, then we have to look at other social safety nets other countries provide to their citizens so as ot eliminate the need for litigation. If the victim of a malpractice is taken care of by a system of social safety net, then there is no need to look to insurance payment for the additional medical bills and possibly future medical bills incurred by the victim. If we want to look to Tort Reform, we will have to reform many other areas of our social system as well.

The Right wants to blame the victim–That is not the answer.

Health Care: “Tort Reform”

As the other side is always quick to point out, nowhere else in the developed world has this much litigation. Of course, nowhere else is there any such animal as an unpaid medical bill, and support for those who have lost their income tends to be better. People don’t need to find someone else to blame to have their needs taken care of. Other countries don’t have our level of litigation, but, then, they don’t need it.

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