Insurance Claim: Tips For A Smooth Insurance Claim

February 25, 2011

A partner of mine once said something to the effect that an insurance policy is only a promise to litigate at a later date. Despite their advertising claims, insurance companies are not in the business of paying out claims. They are in the business of collecting premiums and then pay out only if there cannot find any reason why not pay a claim. That is where knowing your insurance policy and its content becomes very important.

I came upon these helpful tips about things you can do to possibly help your claim being processed smoothly.

1. Read and understand your policy. Reading your policy will allow you to get many of your questions answered in the correct manner. It will also make you ready ahead of time for things that can potentially happen to your claim. Like someone put it before ‘reading and understanding the policy is half way in getting your claim paid in timely manner.’

2. Report the accident to your insurance company. If you have an independent agent make sure you also report it to your agent and company. Failure to report the accident in timely manner may lead to delay in processing your claim.

3. If you have physical damage claim, make sure to communicate with the claim department of your company in an official manner. Make sure to document your calls with time and date and name of the person you talked to. Faxes and email can be little more effective than mere verbal communications because you have the proof with date and time that you responded to the company’s inquiries.

via Car Insurance: Top Tips To Making A Successful Claim « Motoring News.

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