Worker's Compensation

Workers’ compensation allows injured workers to receive compensation for medical bills, lost wages, and disabilities caused by injuries that happened while on the job or in the course of performing their duties. In Illinois, the workers’ compensation system is run by the Illinois Industrial Commission. Workers’ compensation claims are analogous to insurance claims in that workers are entitled to compensation regardless of whose fault the injury was.

In Illinois, workers’ compensation is an exclusive remedy, which means that upon receiving workers’ compensation benefits you cannot sue your employer for more money, even if the injury was the employer’s fault. The attorneys at The Taradji Law Offices handle many types of work related injuries including, but not limited to: back injuries, neck injuries, carpal tunnel syndrome, auto accidents in company cars, loss of limb, and repetitive stress syndrome.

At The Taradji Law Offices, we have handled hundreds of claims for injured workers. We will discuss the options of your injury with you and help you determine whether it would be more advantageous to file a lawsuit against your employer or to file for workers’ compensation benefits. Attorneys’ fees are the same regardless of the experience of the attorney because the workers’ compensation laws set these fees. Therefore, it is to your advantage to hire the best attorney possible in order to ensure workers’ compensation is the right path to pursue. The workers’ compensation lawyers of The Taradji Law Offices have many years of experience representing factory workers, construction workers, and heavy equipment operators throughout Cook County and Illinois in their claims for workers’ compensation benefits.


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