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September 18, 2010

In Countries where consumer protection is more than just lip service and companies are expected to put safe products on the market, personal injury cases and trial attorneys are not mentioned in the news as much as here in the United States.

Since, as consumers, we do not enjoy many basic protections we should, it is only the fear of litigation that keeps (albeit not always) the companies honest and at least force them to consider injuries resulting from their product into their profit/loss calculation.

Anyone remember the Pinto?

Query: Why would an attorney, on a contingency fee contract (no covery, no fee) who is trying to feed his family and satisfy employees file a case that is “worthless”? How does he get paid for doing this?

Query: What judge would allow a worthless, “frivolous”, case to clog his docket? He would dismiss such a case, right?

Query: What would right wing, ‘smaller government’, ‘get government out of our lives’ proponents be proposing that the legislative branch is better suited to govern what goes on in the courtroom than the lawyers and judges who work in the system, every day?

via Have You Ever Thanked A Trial Lawyer For Improving Your Safety?

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